Joan Pechanec’s original paintings are available for purchase except those in the Sold gallery or marked NFS (Not For Sale). Paintings that have been sold or are not for sale may be available in fine art prints. Please contact Joan to inquire.

Explore Joan Pechanec’s art! Shown below is a gallery of all Joan’s works that are available to purchase. If you wish, you can click a menu item below to view her paintings by category. Category galleries include many images of Joan’s paintings and therefore may take longer than expected to load. Please give them a moment to display.

New Works     Mixed Media     Oil Paintings      SOLD

“In my deeply textured mixed media pieces I built up and cut through up to 25 layers of a variety of mediums including cold wax, pastels, pigment sticks, papers, fabrics, stamps, moss, and random writings. Several of the paintings have iridescent foundations and copper backgrounds which catch the light, a rich effect that is very difficult to capture with a photo.

In both mixed media and traditional oil, I have continued my emphasis on vibrant color and strong mood in an abstracted and expressionistic style. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the unexpected, powerful, and numinous moments that add beauty and inspiration to my life.”

 ~Joan Pechanec

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