Poster for Joan Pechanec's show at the Dunsmuir ArtWalk, October 10, 2014I had a lovely summer in Dunsmuir.  I painted in my studio on the river and prepared for a show at the Dunsmuir Art Walk.  Because the event included authors as well as artists, I had the wonderful experience of sharing a venue with my husband Charlie (  Our space was in the gorgeous Brown Trout building with its 20’ high ceilings and old brick walls. Charlie signed books and did several readings and I exhibited 45 pieces, including oil paintings, encaustics, mixed media, and assemblages. The show was a success both in terms of sales and of positive feedback. Most fun of all, we were able to visit with many old friends we missed while we were in Alabama.

I am honored to have been invited to do a one-woman show in September, 2015 at the Orland Art Center, a spacious and elegant gallery in a small California town 2 hours south of us. Since I will be exhibiting 40 to 50 pieces, I will be busy painting for the next few months.

Artist Joan Pechanec with husband Charlie Price, author, at the Dunsmuir ArtWalk, October 10, 2014

Charlie and me at the Dunsmuir ArtWalk

Charlie and I have returned to Fairhope, Alabama, a beautiful arts-oriented community on Mobile Bay where Charlie was writer-in-residence last year.  I will again have the opportunity to paint at the Eastern Shore Art Center with its lively and creative atmosphere. We will return to Northern California in May.

ArtWalk participants enjoy artist Joan Pechanec's show at the Dunsmuir ArtWalk, October 10, 2014

Art enthusiasts enjoying my show at the Dunsmuir ArtWalk







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